Tuesday, March 23, 2010


From: "Dato' Lee Hwa Beng"
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 09:45:05
Metro Mail Star Publication

Dear Sir,


I refer to the recent decision by MPSJ to seek public opinion on the development of Taman Subang Ria in Subang Jaya and also the decision of the Selangor State Government to declassify the minutes on the alienation of the land to Sime UEP Sdn Bhd.

As stated in the declassified records, the park was alienated to Sime UEP in 1986 in exchange for 10 units of houses valued of RM 2.7 million.

The MB was quoted in the press that the land belongs to Sime UEP and hence the company got the right to develop the land. However, the land was alienated by the previous state administration as urban park (or recreational land). As such this 72.64 acres of land should remain as urban park. That is why as a former councillor of MPSJ, MPPJ and state assemblyman for Subang Jaya, I have played a key role to reject any development in this beautiful park a least 4 times. The last time was in 2007 where more than 1000 residents attended the public hearing arranged by me where it was overwhelmingly rejected by those present.

I also cannot understand the logic of another public hearing when it was already rejected by more than 1000 residents in a properly held public hearing organized by MPSJ. It will be a wastage of public funds and the residents time.

Hence, nobody should blame the previous administration whether at MPSJ or State level in the handling of this issue. The declassified documents proved it is not part of the open space requirement of SJ development but separately alienated as urban park. The local authorities had rejected 4 times proposals for development. In fact, the 72.64 acres had increased the open space area of Subang Jaya (SS15 to SS19) from the original 5% to 10%. This is because previously only 5% are required for open space.

I have been quoted in the press that this park can only be developed over my dead body. However this pledge cannot apply now as I am no more the State Assemblyman. However, my passion to preserve the park still remains.

As the original intention of the then state government alienated it for urban park, it SHOULD remains so, If Sime UEP where in 1986 thought it okay to accept the land as urban park but many now think otherwise now, it should then surrender the land back to the state government.

After all, I believe this park had been a good selling point for Sime UEP in selling their properties in SJ and USJ.

Former State Assemblyman for Subang Jaya

Monday, March 15, 2010

Correspondences with ADUN, YB Hannah Yeoh

From: A.S Gill
To: Hannah Yeoh
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 7:07:21
Subject: Re: SJ Alert EMS Sime application for sub- division
Dear Yb,
You have not answered the main question. Why has this application for subdivision not been rejected yet? ( based mainly on the 2007 hearing that the rakyat do not want non recreational developement on this lot and the other 3 reasons). How is this proposal different?. They take all the meat and leave a few bones. Residents are also not buying into "They are surrendering a big portion" etc etc,. Look at the proposal in detail and do your maths(or go thru SJRA's calculations). We want to see results of CAT(Competent, Accountable and Transparent), not just speeches and makan makan. Perhaps it is time for score cards.
We residents are only expressing our frustration with the system PR inherited and we want it corrected not condoned. We are not blaming you as we know you support us. We are only taking the cue from the speeches made so far. Pls take this msg upwards to the state level. This charade has to stop as the residents are not buying it anymore we want to see results and we want to see them quickly.
Prove to us thru actions as action will always speak louder that words. We are disappointed with this wholesale rape of our environment, quality of life and our childrens bleak future.
SJRA apologies if we pointed out the truth openly as truth always hurts. This truth should be serioulsy noted acted upon immediately. Subang Ria Park is very close to the residents hearts. We have wasted enough time on this and there are many more issues that need to be corrected or fixed.

Warmest Regards on behalf of SJRA
AS Gill
From: Hannah Yeoh
To: A.S Gill
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2010 12:35:35
Subject: Re: SJ Alert EMS Sime application for sub- division

Dear Mr Gill,

Based on our previous working experience on other issues and on Taman Subang Ria itself, I was most surprised and disappointed with the tone of your email in which my commitment to the residents of Subang Jaya was questioned. I wish to clarify that:

- Sime Darby has not obtained a Development Order from MPSJ for their proposal, hence the service of notice on adjoining land owners and for objections to be filed;
- I believe the public hearing for 2007 only resulted in Sime Darby withdrawing their application then. If you know of any other decisions apart from this, please provide it to me. I cannot rely on hearsay. I await YDP's reply on this; and
- The new proposal is different from the proposal in 2007 (the new one involves surrendering a big portion of the park to the state authority) hence the engagement with resident groups in two different meetings to obtain their feedback.

As the ADUN for Subang Jaya, I represent residents from SS12-SS19, USJ 1 to USJ 15, PJS 7,9 and 11. I hear what your goodself and the other vocal residents in Subang Jaya are saying ie. recreational development only. I do hear it loud and clear. However, I have a responsibility to also consider views by other residents and most importantly the current park users to ensure all of them understand the entire scenario and the implications of their stand.

I have written to the State Planning Director for status of the draft local plan and yet to receive a reply. MPSJ has informed me last Thursday that they will submit the objections raised by the resident groups to MB and the Excos.

I will keep you posted on any status updates. I am unable to copy the rest of the recipients in your email as I am not part of the google/yahoo groups. Lastly, let me reassure you that my commitment is to my constituents and I hope we can continue to work together for the best interest of the residents. Thank you.

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 2:43 PM,
A.S Gill wrote:

Yb Hannah Yeoh, Dato Adnan,

Many residents have asked me to convey this strong message to the both of you.
I have consolidated the inputs and below is the Readers Digest version
1) We the residents want this application to be rejected immediately based on the 4 reasons given in the press conference on the 6th March, 2010.
a. Public hearing of 2007 still valid, no non recreational development on this lot. No need for another hearing.
b. Follow draft local plan as it is a green lung and the only sizeable green lung for Subang Jaya.
c. Follow town and country planning act of 2007(1,000 residents, 2 acres)
d. This is our only town park, go back to history for all you want but take it back and gazette it as such.

2) Stop giving political answers like it is private land, they can do want they want etc. In today’s world the stakeholders and eco-friendly terminologies are used as there are responsibilities, requirements, and social expectations for an equitable and better world. Learn from Mar, 2008, the ground has shifted significantly and we are sure you will agree.

3) Stop assuming that the residents are stupid just because they do not openly voice their feelings. Everybody is very well informed and the communication is amazing. We want past mistakes corrected not condoned. So new government should listen very carefully to the spoken and unspoken voices.

4) This nonsense of abuse of the law and not the spirit of the law has to stop, when it suits the governmentt they use the laws and when it does not they ignore them (good example is the 2007 hearing being ignored). i.e. both of you said they have a right to apply. Hello they lost this right when residents objected in 2007 to any non recreational development. Stop trying to pull wool over the eyes of residents as it will not work anymore and probably backfire.

5) Lastly the residents are very tired of the charade, cut to the chase and do what the residents of Subang Jaya, Bandar Sunway and USJ expect of good governance, clean living with world class quality of life.

Some vocal residents approached me and questioned Yb's allegiance and SJRA members went to great length to explain that Yb is for the residents, as that is not the impression that Yb's short speech created.

Hope we can end this issue once and for all as it is very close to the residents hearts and nothing short of getting the park back to and for the residents will appease the residents.

Warmest Regards
AS Gill

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Big turn up despite the drizzle

Dear Residents,
Thank you for your participation to support the "SAVE SUBANG RIA PARK GATHERING" on 6 march 2010 morning 7:30am despite the drizzle. The following memorandums were handed over to the press and YB Hannah Yeoh from SJRA Chairman, Mr A.S. Gill. 

Further information will be posted in this blog to update the residents regarding the progress of objection.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Join us on 6th March 2010 (Sat) 7:30am to save our Subang Ria Park.

Venue : Subang Ria Car Park
Attire : Green T-Shirt
Come! Do something before we lose it!