Friday, April 16, 2010

Subang Residents Says No...

The Star - 15 April 2010 - Subang folk stand firm against park project
KomunitiKini - 14 April 2010 - Subang residents say no to Sime’s development plans

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  1. Dear All,
    Please be firm that there should not be any development to Subang Ria Park. It should always remain the green lung for the area. Enough of development in and around Subang Jaya for the last 30 years!!!!! Subang Jaya is supposed to be a planned township! Look at it today!!!! Its a concrete jungle with all kinds of haphazard development and highways zigzapping in and out and on top and bottom of people's houses!!!

    Thank you to all you good people for doing a good job of protecting our interests and rights!!! Bravo.

    Warm Rgds
    Lay Chooi