Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thank you for your support - fr Gill

News of the gathering on 28 April 2010 at Holiday Villa....
Star Online News on 30 April 2010 - Khalid: Work out costs of upgrading Subang Ria Park
Komunitikini News on 30 April 2010 by Levin - Selangor MB claims Subang Ria park can be reclaimed

Dear Residents,
I, as the chairman of SJRA, take this opportunity to thank YAB Tan Sri Khalid bin Ibrahim, the Menteri Besar of Selangor for taking time off from his busy schedule to meet the residents of Subang Jaya to hear their views on the future of Subang Ria Park, which is the only sizeable Green Lung in Subang Jaya. I am also grateful to him for having agreed to look into acquiring the Subang Ria Park from Sime Darby as requested by the residents with one voice. We are also happy that the park will be cleaned up.

To all the stakeholders, who turned up in big numbers, in spite of being a working day and supported this noble endeavour and all our well-wishers mentioned below, a big thank you. SJRA looks forward to your continued support to make Subang Jaya a better community for us and our future generations.

I also wish to place on record my thanks to our Adun YB Hannah Yeoh for having arranged this fruitful dialogue with YAB Menteri Besar.

You can get this and more information on our blog at

Thanks to the following groups and individuals for their support and efforts.

There are many others who worked behind the scenes and spoke up for the future of the park thank you too.

- Derek Fenandez - Lawyer/Advisor
- Wan Haron - Lawyer/Advisor
- Dato Majid - Lawyer/Advisor
- Dato Lawrence CC Lim - Summervilla
- Dato Lee Hwa Beng - Advisor
- Robert Chan - SJ Alert
- Hanif Merican - Sri KL
- Subang Jaya RA - Committee and members
- Consumer Association - Lau Bing and Committee
- JKP zone 1 - Mdm Theresa and committee
- Bandar Sunway RA - A Bala and committee
- USJ RA - Melvin and committee
- SS 12 RA - Jonathan Achu and committee
- SS 13 RA - Tamilvanan and committee
- SS14 RA - Joe Mahinder and Committee-
- SS14 RA - Joe Mahinder and Committee-
- SS 15 RT - Rita Bhardwaj
- SS 15 Commercial - Dato Samson Mamam
- SS19 RA - Eunice Fenandez
- Buddhist Association - Chim Siew Choon and committee
- Subang Sikh Association - Amrick Singh and committee
- Baiduri RA - Lua Ai Siew and committee
- Spring Villa RA - Pritpal Singh and committee
- Summer Villa RA - Michael Cheah and committee
- Main stream media (Star, Sun, Utusan)
- Alt Media (Malaysiakini)
- Police - Tuan Sulaiman Baputty and his officers

Warmest Regards
AS Gill

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