Monday, May 31, 2010

Taman Subang Ria Development Plan Rejected by MPSJ

On Behalf of SJRA I take this opportunity say a BIG THANK YOU to Yb Tan Sri Khalid, YB Hannah Yeoh, Dato Adnan, All MPSJ Councillors, Mdm Theresa Thong, En Chang, En Ismail, SJRA Advisors, SJ Alerts Robert Chan, all members of SJRA, Bandar Sunway RA, USJ RA, SJ Consumer Association, JKP-Zon1, Friends of Subang Ria Park, All main new media, RT's and all supporters and concerned citizens for supporting this noble endeavour to save our only park. We should now move quickly to the next phase in our plans to get the park back in the hands of MPSJ and start work on restoring it to regain its pride of being a proper park for all residents of SJ, USJ and BS.

May God bless you all for doing the Right things and Righting the Wrongs of our Previous administration.

Warmest Regards
AS Gill

From: Theresa Ratnam Thong
Subject: SJ Alert EMS Taman Subang Ria

Dear Residents
This is to inform you that MPSJ has rejected Sime UEP's application to develop Taman Subang Ria Park, pursuant to OSC meeting dated 4th May and MPSJ Full Board Meeting today.

The approved Subang Jaya Local Plan has maintained the whole area as a recreational park and will remain as such.

We will now await for Tan Sri Mentri Besar's Office to advise us on the valuation of the land and next course of action.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Warm regards
Theresa Ratnam Thong
Ahli Majlis MPSJ

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